30 Nov 2012

“Do you know who is bankrupt.”

Allah's Messenger (sallalalhu ályhi wasallam) asked: “Do you know who is bankrupt.” They replied: “The bankrupt person is one who has no silver coin and no provision.”

He (sallAllahu ályhi wasallam) said: “In fact, the bankrupt person from among my people is the one who comes to the Day of Resurrection with prayers, fasts, and charity to his credit, but he had...

• spoken ill of someone,
• slandered someone else,
• misappropriated someone's money,
• shed someone's blood, and
• assaulted someone else.

Thereupon his good deeds will be given over to this one and to that one. If his good deeds run out before his account is complete, then some of their evil deeds will be taken and cast upon him. Then he will be cast into the Fire.”

[Sahîh Muslim (2581)]

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