14 May 2012

Doa 1

( i )
Ya Allah!! increase my Imaan so I can get up everyday without being lazy to do my Salah, to read the Quran, to give dawah and to do all the things which you have ordered me. I don't want to go astray so please guide me so I can stay on your path and become a better Muslim. ~Aameen

( ii )
O Allah! Bring my heart closer to You, and illuminate it with the Light of guidance... Aameen!! ♥

( iii )
Aku berlindung diri dengan Allah dari syaitan yang terkutuk, Ya Allah ampunilah dosaku dan hilangkanlah kepanasan hatiku, dan lepaskanlah daku dari syaitan yang terkutuk. Amin,
(Doa untuk hilangkan rasa marah)

credit : ILove Allah.com website

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